Update to Office 365 coming in March

GeneralHealth_Mar05_AEighty percent of U.S. doctors believe virtual assistants would drastically change how they use
electronic medical records (EMRs) within five years, thereby freeing time for them to spend with

That information came from a survey conducted by Nuance Communications, a speech
recognition company that has brought virtual assistants to consumers.

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SocialMedia_Feb12_BAs a species we are social, needing relationships to survive. That’s likely why social media websites have taken off so successfully. They give us a way to interact, even when we are physically alone. Companies have found that these sites are great marketing tools that can build a brand better than almost any other method.

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MobileGeneral_Feb13_BHow many times have you been in a meeting only to have a participant’s phone ring or vibrate? This is a common occurrence and to many, this is the type of interruption that drives them nuts. While smartphones have changed our lives, mostly for the better, there are still times when we don’t seem to follow common ‘mobile etiquette’, leading to others perceiving us as rude.

Overview of Office 2013's 6 versions

Office365_Feb12_BThere is little doubt as to the most popular office production suite. Microsoft Office has been the program of choice for almost two decades and shows no sign of giving this status up in the near future. In late January Microsoft officially released Office 2013, and as usual released numerous versions aimed at meeting the needs of different users.

5 SharePoint benefits for businesses

It’s highly likely that the most popular software program is Microsoft Office. With numerous variations to the Office platform, including Office 365 – the largely cloud based version of Office – it’s easy to see why. A common complaint of Office users is that it can be tough to share documents and collaborate with other employees.

5 trendy social media trends for 2013

New Year is always exciting. It’s an opportunity to look back on the past year and reflect on what you did right and wrong. It’s also perfect timing to look forward at what the year ahead brings. One thing businesses should look into is what 2013 will bring in terms of social media.

Configure Office 365 to send you texts

Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft’s largely cloud based version of Office – is a popular Office product for many reasons. One advantage is the sheer number of features across the suite which allow you to do almost anything. There are some lesser-known features which are just as useful too, one of which integrates your mobile phone into an Outlook notification center.