Better mobile etiquette: 6 tips

AndroidPhone_Feb13_BCell phones are definitely one of the most important inventions of modern times. They have more or less replaced landlines for many, and are an indispensable part of business. While the two main features of the phone – calling and texting – are great, with many systems like Android offering basic call and text management, many users would like more.

Sanity allows Android call management

Security_Feb13_BFor many, social media is a deeply ingrained part of daily life. For companies it’s become an integral part of their marketing and communications strategy. Because of this, the security of these services is something users expect. 99% of the time. However, there are breaches that can cause trouble for users.

Get through switchboards fast on iPhone

One of the more annoying things about calling people while they are at the office is that many use an automated switchboard to field calls. While this does cut-down on the number of incoming phone calls, it can be time consuming to put in a number, wait, put in another, wait some more and then finally get an answer.

iPad+app = easy cloud storage management

One of the more popular business tools of 2012, and likely for 2013, is the iPad. While it was originally aimed at private markets, businesses of all sizes have been finding unique ways to integrate it into daily use. This has led to an increasing demand for business oriented apps, and developers are more than happy to oblige.

Learn about the Android Nexus

When it comes to mobile devices, users really only have the choice between a closed system with three incredibly popular devices, or an open system with hundreds of phones. For those who want choice, that system is Android. When researching devices, you are bound to hear about Android’s Nexus line, but might wonder, “what exactly is Nexus?”

To begin with, devices labeled with Nexus are Google branded phones and tablets made by different manufacturers that often come in different sizes.

75,000 apps added to Windows Phone store

When it comes to smartphones, many elite users often scoff at Microsoft’s offering – Windows Phone. It’s true that Windows Phone isn’t as popular as the Android/iOS duopoly, but just because it’s not got as many fans doesn’t mean it’s a bad system. Microsoft is aware of its ranking and is taking steps to get more customers.

A 2013 snapshot of Android

Do you have a sweet tooth and like tech devices? Google does. Their mobile platform, Android, has brought a little bit of a sugar rush to many users because of all the sweet applications and devices. While Android isn’t as popular as its major competitor – iOS – it is enjoying an increased number of users.

Perch allows you to spy on competitors

Competitive research – the act of keeping track of what your competitors are doing – is an integral part of business. Managers and owners need to be sure that what they are doing is at least as good as or one step ahead of their competitors in the eyes of the consumer.

Mobile advertising networks

Tablets are in. Just take a look around the next time you are out at a coffee shop. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will see at least two or three. The amount of tablets out there is steadily growing, and these mobile devices offer a great opportunity for companies to reach out to their customers through mobile advertising.