Curious about server virtualization?

Virtualization is a buzzword thrown around the tech community on a seemingly hourly basis. From the outside looking in it seems that everything is, and has to be, virtualized these days, and if it isn’t you’re lagging behind the times. This has led to somewhat of a craze, that can be quite confusing at times.

Woz and cloud problems of the future

Any new technology that is profoundly, or even remotely, popular will always have people who love it and people who hate it. Often, the opinion of experts in the same field is so widely varied that normal users are left wondering who to trust. One such debate that rages, almost daily in some circles, is over the cloud.

Are virtual desktops secure?

One of the more popular trends companies are adopting is virtualization, moving from physical systems to cloud/server based systems. Desktop virtualization, the act of moving your desktop computers from a physical to virtual environment is a type of virtualization that’s gaining more popularity.

SMEs can benefit from virtualization

Computers and other devices have done nothing but get faster, giving businesses the ability to move traditional functions onto the computer. This move saved companies untold amounts of money and made employees more productive. The new trend is to move these now “physical” elements into a more virtual environment, a trend called virtualization.