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Since its release back in 2015, Windows 10 continues to receive updates and new features. This time, users are greeted with some new keyboard shortcuts that will make life easier. Here are our top picks that can be extremely helpful to your daily operations. Windows Snapping If you’ve never used Windows Snapping, you’re missing out […]

Windows 10’s anti-ransomware features

The recent global outbreak of ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya has made Microsoft sit up and pay attention to the need for better security features for Windows 10. Here are some of the new ones Microsoft has come up with to help keep PC users safe. Controlled Folder Access This feature allows you […]

How to disable nosy Windows 10 settings

Windows 10’s Cortana tries to be helpful by displaying accurate, personalized ads based on your online searches and spamming useful suggestions as you type. But this can start to feel invasive after a while. Here are some tips you can use to keep Microsoft’s watchful eye off your computer activity. Turn personalized advertising off For […]

Get rid of Windows 10 bloatware

Who doesn’t love getting value-for-money deals? Normally, getting more for less is an amazing deal — unless what you get is “bloatware.” It is software that device manufacturers pre-install in your Windows 10 PC or laptop at the behest of deep-pocketed software companies. Beyond taking up storage space and using up processing power, this type […]

Build 18305: Latest Windows 10 update for PC

Here’s a preview of Windows 10 build 18305 and the best improvements Microsoft has implemented so far.

Start menu

This now has a new single-column layout with reduced top-level tiles. This layout appears when you're creating a new account, setting up a new device, or after performing an installation.

Windows Sandbox

Using hardware virtualization and Microsoft Hypervisor tech, this feature lets you build a lightweight environment to safely install and run untrusted applications without adversely affecting your installation.

There’s no need to create a virtual machine, and when you’re done testing the app, the environment and app will automatically be deleted.


Build 18305 updates the Clipboard interface (Windows key + V). Every item on the clipboard is now smaller, which allows more entries to be displayed.


You can now use an SMS code to sign in and continue setting up your Windows 10 account if your account is connected to your phone number.

Windows Hello

Instead of creating a password that is complex and easy to forget, Windows Hello lets you use a look or a touch to sign in to your Windows 10 devices.

Build 18305 improves the PIN reset experience by giving the interface design for web and mobile the same look and feel. You'll also come across the same interface design when performing actions that requires authentication, such as creating a new user account or verifying your account.


The Settings app has a new homepage that shows user information and provides quick access to frequently used settings.


Windows 10 will be able to automatically restore default settings for some services. Depending on your hardware configuration, it will adjust feature settings and apply changes to keep your device running smoothly.

It will also recommend troubleshooting suggestions for non-critical issues. For example, it may recommend that you disable a setting that causes an application to crash mysteriously, until the next update becomes available.

Windows Security

Starting with build 18305, the Protection history page (found in Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Threat history) will continue to list antivirus detections, but now you'll see more details that are easier to grasp.

In addition, any pending recommendation will have a red or yellow state throughout the experience in the history list.

Tamper protection

In Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection, you'll find new Tamper protection settings that prevent unauthorized changes to your security settings.

Final thoughts

Enjoy the latest enhancements that Windows 10 build 18305 has to offer, but do be wary of installation problems, sign-in difficulties, and app crashes. To maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks, consult with us. Our experts know how to pick and implement the latest tech advancements that will further your business goals.

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